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Fatty Acids Standard Mixture for GCMS

The Fatty Acids Standards Mixture for GCMS is desinged to include 15 most volatile normal fatty acids (C4-C18) molecules that are detectable by GCMS methods. 

If you woudl like to use LCMS methods, you may use



  • 15 molecules, high purity, single peak, completely resolved in two mixes
  • Fully quantitative, 1.0mM in MeOH.
  • Each mix contains 5 High recovery sets of five 200 uL microampules. Using microampules allows you to keep the unused amount in the sealed glass container.
  • Packed under argon
  • Contains an internal standard to adjust your retention time with IS lock
  • No isobaric interference means there are no two compounds with the same molecular formula in a microampule. This design allows identification by low resolution single quad mass spectrometer without a need for digital libraries for identification.



Fatty Acids Standard Mixture for GCMS

  • List of compounds

    Butanoic acids (HMDB0000039, Butyric acid, CAS 107-92-6, FEMA2221)
    Pentanoic acids (HMDB0000892, Valeric acid, CAS 109-52-4, FEMA3101)
    Hexanoic acid (HMDB0000535, Caproic acid, CAS 142-62-1, FEMA2559)
    Heptanoic acid (HMDB0000666, CAS 111-14-8, FEMA3348)
    Octanoic acid (HMDB0000482, CAS 124-7-2)
    Nonanoic acid (HMDB0000847, CAS 112-05-0, FEMA2784)
    Decanoic acid (HMDB0000511, Capric acid, CAS 334-48-5, FEMA2364)
    Undecanoic acid (HMDB0000947, Undecylic acid, CAS 112-37-8, FEMA3245)
    Lauric acid (HMDB0000638, Dodecanoic acid, CAS 143-07-7, FEMA2614)
    Tridecanoic acid (HMDB0000910, CAS 638-53-9, FEMA4336)
    Tetradecanoic acid (HMDB0000806, Myristic acid, CAS 544-63-8, FEMA2764)
    Pentadecanoic acid (HMDB0000826, CAS 1002-84-2, FEMA4334)
    Hexadecanoic acid (HMDB0000220, Palmitic acid, CAS 21096, FEMA2832)
    Heptadecanoic acid (HMDB0002259, CAS 506-12-7)
    Octadecanoic acid (HMDB0000827, Stearic acid, CAS 21128)

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