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Fatty Acids and Di-acids Standard Mixtures

Use: Liquid Chromatography (LC, HPLC, UHPLC) 

Use: Compounds identification, MS2 transitions,  retention time acquisition, in-house digital library, method development


Suitable for:  LCMS, UHPLC, LCMS, LC-MS/MS, LC-QTOF 

Suitable for: Single quadrupole MS, triple quadrupole MS (QQQ), QTOF, Orbitrap

Suitable: Human metabolomics, plant metabolomics, foodomics, food analysis, volatilomics, cannabis and vape analysis, wine and beer analysis




-Find the retention time of the molecules after changing the method
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the column
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


HPLC-MS (single qaud):
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the method
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced compound search/identification with RT and M/z value


HPLC-MS/MS (triple qaud):
-Acquire and optimize the transition ions for each molecule using your instrument specific settings
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced search with RT and M/z value



Anaylis of fatty acids and diacids is a key to understanding the quality of food and bevergae. These molecules can be also found abundantly in human biofluids and have clinical importance. MetaSci Kit of Fatty acids and diacids containd 3 sets of microamuples two of which contain saturated monocarboxilic acids (C6-C24) and one contains saturated dicarboxilic acids (C4-C16). The standards can be mixed with no isobarci intereference or chemical incompatibiltiy, to identify 32 molecules in a single run. We provide additional methods thorugh our digital interacrive specification page sheets that come with the product.



Note: This product is not compatible with HPLC-UV. None of the fatty acids show a detectable signal using UV or DAD detectors.



  • 32 fatty acids and diacids, high purity, single peak, completely resolved
  • Fully quantitative, 50-100 microgram per mL in MeOH.
  • 3 High recovery sets of mixture. Each set contains five microampules of 200 uL. Using microampules allows you to keep the unused amount in the sealed glass container. Each set contains 5 microampules, totalling to 15 microampules.
  • Packed under argon
  • Contains an internal standard to adjust your retention time with IS lock
  • No isobaric interference means there are no two compounds with the same molecular formula in a microampule. This design allows identification by low resolution single quad mass spectrometer without a need for digital libraries for identification.

Fatty Acids and Di-acids Standard Mixtures

  • List of compounds

    mono-carboxylic Fatty Acids:

    1. Hexanoic acid (HMDB0000535, CAS 142-62-1, FEMA 2559)
    2. Heptanoic acid (HMDB0000666, CAS 111-14-8, FEMA 3348)
    3. Octanoic acid (HMDB0000482, CAS 124-7-2)
    4. Nonanoic acid (HMDB0000847, CAS 112-05-0, FEMA 2784)
    5. Decanoic acid (HMDB0000511, CAS 334-48-5, FEMA 2364)
    6. Undecanoic acid (HMDB0000947, CAS 112-37-8, FEMA 3245)
    7. Lauric acid (HMDB0000638, CAS 143-07-7, FEMA 2614)
    8. Tridecanoic acid (HMDB0000910, CAS 638-53-9, FEMA 4336)
    9. Myristic acid (HMDB0000806, CAS 544-63-8, FEMA 2764)
    10. Pentadecanoic acid (HMDB0000826, CAS 1002-84-2, FEMA 4334)
    11. Palmitic acid (HMDB0000220, CAS 21096, FEMA 2832)
    12. Heptadecanoic acid (HMDB0002259, CAS 506-12-7)
    13. Stearic acid (HMDB0000827, CAS 21128)
    14. Nonadecanoic acid (HMDB0000772, CAS 646-30-0)
    15. Arachidic acid (HMDB0002212, CAS 506-30-9)
    16. Heneicosanoic acid (HMDB0002345, CAS 2363-71-5)
    17. Docosanoic acid (HMDB0000944, CAS 112-85-6)
    18. Tricosanoic acid (HMDB0001160, CAS 2433-96-7)
    19. Lignoceric acid (HMDB0002003, CAS 557-59-5)


    di-carboxylic Fatty Acids:

    1. Succinic acid (HMDB0000254, CAS 110-15-6, FEMA 4719)
    2. Glutaric acid (HMDB0000661, CAS 110-94-1)
    3. Adipic acid (HMDB0000448, CAS 124-04-9, FEMA 2011)
    4. Pimelic acid (HMDB0000857, CAS 111-16-0)
    5. Suberic acid (HMDB0000893, CAS 505-48-6)
    6. Azelaic acid (HMDB0000784, CAS 123-99-9)
    7. Sebacic acid (HMDB0000792, CAS 111-20-6)
    8. Undecanedioic acid (HMDB0000888, CAS 1852-04-6)
    9. Dodecanedioic acid (HMDB0000623, CAS 693-23-2)
    10. Tridecanedioic acid (HMDB0002327, CAS 505-52-2)
    11. Tetradecanedioic acid (HMDB0000872, CAS 821-38-5)
    12. Pentadecanedioic Acid (HMDB0340876, CAS 1460-18-0)
    13. Hexadecanedioic acid (HMDB0000672, CAS 505-54-4)


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