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Human Metabolites







Focused Libraries

You can select from one of our focused libraries which include sugars, lipids, amino acids and peptides, polyphenols, vitamins, flavonoids, FDA approved drugs, indoles and cumarines, etc. Inquire about making your custom list of metabolites.

fatty acids, fatty alcohols, steroids, bile acids, fatty acid esters, cholesterol esters, glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, aldehyde and ketones

monosaccharides, disaccharides, poly-alcohols, carbohydrate phosphates

L-amino acids, D-amino acids, dipeptides, acetyl amino acids

The Metabolic Pathway Specific Libraries 

MetaSci provides a collection of chemical libraries designed to target metabolic pathways. The Metabolic Pathway Specific Libraries contains an almost complete set of metabolites involved in human metabolic pathways along with inhibitors and agonists. The ever expanding metabolic collection includes major pathways such as amino acid metabolism, one carbon metabolism, lipid synthesis and cholesterol synthesis. We also provide the chemicals in 5-10 mg quantities with no solvent added, which removes the presence of unwanted high absorption peaks of solvents such as DMSO and acetonitrile for spectrometry methods. 

Food Analysis Standards

There is an outstanding number of metabolites that are present in human body due to food consumption. We provide a unique collection of small molecules that are found in raw and processed food. The library also includes many food components that are not present in organic food, such as artificial sweeteners and synthetic plasticizers. The standards can be used either in food analysis or in studies on the effect of food on human metabolism.

Tune your instrument

Our collection of standards is ideal for acquiring retention time in chromatography methods such as HPLC, electrophoresis and gas chromatography. The metabolites can be also used to make an in-house instrument specific library of mass spectra for further analysis, as well as determining the limit of detection and sensitivity of the device for each compound.


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