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Volatile Fatty Molecules Standard Mixture

Standard mixture solution for chromatography and mass spectrometry


Use: Gas Chromatography (GC)

Use: Compounds identification, MS2 transitions, retention time acquisition, in-house digital library, method development


Suitable for: GCMS, GC-MS/MS, GC-QTOF, GC-FID

Suitable for: Single quadrupole MS, triple quadrupole MS (QQQ), QTOF, Orbitrap

Suitable for: Human metabolomics, plant metabolomics, foodomics, food analysis, volatilomics, cannabis and vape analysis, wine and beer analysis





-Find the retention time of the molecules after changing the method
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the column
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


GCMS (single quad)
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the method
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced compound search/identification with RT and M/z value


GCMS/MS (triple quad)
-Acquire and optimize the transition ions for each molecule using your instrument specific settings
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced search with RT and M/z value



Identification and quantification of linear long chain molecules such as fatty alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids and their esters (FAMES) play an essential rule in today’s analysis. Using mixtures of standards provides the advantage of recording the chromatograms and the mass spectra of several compound in one run, making the analysis and calibration tens of times faster. Our Volatile Fatty Molecules Mix is designed to provide the highest resolution chromatogram for GC compatible methods as well as a high purity single peak spectrum for each molecule. All compounds come in 1.0 mM concentration in dichloromethane which makes the product highly stable (no trans-esterification by alcoholic solvent).  


  • 70 molecules, high purity, single peak, completely resolved
  • Fully quantitative, 1.0mM in dichloromethane.
  • 5 High recovery sets of five 200 uL microampules. Using microampules allows you to keep the unused amount in the sealed glass container.
  • Packed under argon
  • Contains an internal standard to adjust your retention time with IS lock
  • No isobaric interference means there are no two compounds with the same molecular formula in a microampule. This design allows identification by low resolution single quad mass spectrometer without a need for digital libraries for identification.

Volatile Fatty Molecules Standard Mixture

  • List of compounds

    1.  1-Butanol (HMDB0004327, CAS 71-36-3, FEMA 2178)
    2.  1-Pentanol (HMDB0013036, CAS 71-41-0, FEMA 2056)
    3.  1-Hexanol (HMDB0012971, CAS 111-27-3, FEMA 2567)
    4.  1-Heptanol (HMDB0031479, CAS 111-70-6, FEMA 2548)
    5.  1-Octanol (HMDB0001183, CAS 111-87-5, FEMA 2800)
    6.  1-Nonanol (HMDB0031265, CAS 143-08-8, FEMA 2789)
    7.  1-Decanol (HMDB0011624, CAS 112-30-1, FEMA 2365)
    8.  1-Undecanol (HMDB0013113, CAS 112-42-5, FEMA 3097)
    9.  1-Dodecanol (HMDB0011626, CAS 112-53-8, FEMA 2617)
    10.  1-Tridecanol (PUBCHEMCID8207, CAS 112-70-9)
    11.  1-Tetradecanol (HMDB0011638, CAS 112-72-1)
    12.  1-Pentadecanol (PUBCHEMCID12397, CAS 629-76-5)
    13.  1-Hexadecanol (HMDB0003424, CAS 36653-82-4, FEMA 2554)
    14.  1-Heptadecanol (PUBCHEMCID15076, CAS 1454-85-9)
    15.  1-octadecanol(Stearyl alcohol) (HMDB0002350, CAS 112-92-5)
    16.  1-Nonadecanol (PUBCHEMCID80281, CAS 1454-84-8)
    17.  1-Eicosanol (PUBCHEMCID12404, CAS 629-96-9)
    18.  Ethyl Propionate (C3) (HMDB0030058, CAS 105-37-3, FEMA 2456)
    19.  Ethyl butyrate (C4) (HMDB0033889, CAS 105-54-4, FEMA 2427)
    20.  Ethyl pentanoate (C5) (HMDB0040297, CAS 539-82-2, FEMA 2462)
    21.  Ethyl hexanoate (C6) (HMDB0040209, CAS 123-66-0, FEMA 2439)
    22.  Ethyl heptanoate (C7) (HMDB0000798, CAS 106-30-9, FEMA 2437)
    23.  Ethyl n-caprylate (C8) (HMDB0040195, CAS 106-32-1, FEMA 2449)
    24.  Ethyl nonanoate (C9) (HMDB0040193, CAS 123-29-5, FEMA 2447)
    25.  Ethyl decanoate (C10) (HMDB0030998, CAS 110-38-3, FEMA 2432)
    26.  Ethyl undecanoate (C11) (HMDB0029552, CAS 627-90-7, FEMA 3492)
    27.  Ethyl dodecanoate (C12) (HMDB0033788, CAS 106-33-2, FEMA 2441)
    28.  Ethyl Tridecanoate (C13) (PUBCHEMCID119908, CAS 28267-29-0)
    29.  Ethyl tetradecanoate (C14) (HMDB0034153, CAS 124-06-1, FEMA 2445)
    30.  Ethyl Pentadecanoate (C15) (PUBCHEMCID38762, CAS 41114-00-5)
    31.  Ethyl palmitate (C16) (HMDB0029811, CAS 628-97-7, FEMA 2451)
    32.  Ethyl Heptadecanoate (C17) (PUBCHEMCID26397, CAS 14010-23-2)
    33.  Ethyl Stearate (C18) (HMDB0034156, CAS 111-61-5, FEMA 3490)
    34.  Ethyl Nonadecanoate (C19) (PUBCHEMCID29008, CAS 18281-04-4)
    35.  Ethyl Arachidate (C20) (HMDB0062725, CAS 18281-05-5)
    36.  Methyl butyrate (C4) (HMDB0033890, CAS 623-42-7, FEMA 2693)
    37.  Methyl pentanoate (C5) (HMDB0031207, CAS 624-24-8, FEMA 2752)
    38.  Methyl hexanoate (C6) (HMDB0035238, CAS 106-70-7, FEMA 2708)
    39.  Methyl heptanoate (C7) (HMDB0031478, CAS 106-73-0, FEMA 2705)
    40.  Methyl octanoate (C8) (HMDB0031291, CAS 111-11-5, FEMA 2728)
    41.  Methyl nonanoate (C9) (HMDB0031264, CAS 1731-84-6, FEMA 2724)
    42.  Methyl decanoate (C10) (HMDB0033848, CAS 110-42-9)
    43.  Methyl undecanoate (C11) (PUBCHEMCID15607, CAS 1731-86-8)
    44.  Methyl dodecanoate (C12) (Lauric aicd dodecanoate, HMDB0031018, CAS 111-82-0, FEMA 2715)
    45.  Methyl tridecanoate (C13) (Tridecanoic Acid methyl ester, PUBCHEMCID15608, CAS 1731-88-0)
    46.  Methyl tetradecanoate (C14) (Methyl tetradecanoate, HMDB0030469, CAS 124-10-7, FEMA 2722)
    47.  Methyl pentadecanoate (C15) (Pentadecanoic acid methyl ester, PUBCHEMCID26722, CAS 7132-64-1)
    48.  Methyl palmitate (C16) (Palmitic acid methyl ester, HMDB0061859, CAS 112-39-0)
    49.  Methyl heptadecanoate (C17) (Heptadecanoic acid methyl ester, PUBCHEMCID15609, CAS 1731-92-6)
    50.  Methyl octadecanoate(C18) (Stearic acid methyl ester, HMDB0034154, CAS 112-61-8)
    51.  Methyl nonadecanoate (C19) (Nonadecanoic acid methyl ester, PUBCHEMCID15610, CAS 1731-94-8)
    52.  Methyl eicosanote(C20) (Arachidic acid methyl ester, PUBCHEMCID14389738, CAS 1120-28-1)
    53.  2-Butanone (C4) (PUBCHEMCID6569, CAS 78-93-3, FEMA 2170)(C4)
    54.  2-Pentanone (C5) (HMDB0034235, CAS 107-87-9, FEMA 2842)(C5)
    55.  2-Hexanone (C6) (HMDB0005842, CAS 591-78-6)(C6)
    56.  2-Heptanone (C7) (HMDB0003671, CAS 110-43-0, FEMA 2544)(C7)
    57.  2-Octanone (C8) (HMDB0031294, CAS 111-13-7, FEMA 2802)(C8)
    58.  2-Nonanone (C9) (HMDB0031266, CAS 821-55-6, FEMA 2785)(C9)
    59.  2-Decanone (C10) (HMDB0031409, CAS 693-54-9, FEMA 4271)(C10)
    60.  2-Undecanone (C11) (HMDB0033713, CAS 112-12-9, FEMA 3093)(C11)
    61.  2-Dodecanone (C12) (HMDB0031019, CAS 6175-49-1)(C12)
    62.  2-Butanal (C4) (Butyraldehyde, HMDB0003543, CAS 123-72-8, FEMA 123-72-8)
    63.  2-Pentanal (C5) (Valeraldehyde, HMDB0031206, CAS 110-62-3, FEMA 110-62-3)
    64.  2-Hexanal (C6) (Hexanal, HMDB0005994, CAS 66-25-1, FEMA 66-25-1)
    65.  2-Heptanal (C7) (Heptanal, HMDB0031475, CAS 111-71-7, FEMA 111-71-7)
    66.  2-Octanal (C8) (Octyl aldehyde (Octanal), HMDB0001140, CAS 124-13-0, FEMA 124-13-0)
    67.  2-Nonanal (C9) (Nonanaldehyde, HMDB0059835, CAS 124-19-6, FEMA 124-19-6)
    68.  2-Decanal (C10) (Decyl aldehyde, HMDB0011623, CAS 112-31-2, FEMA 112-31-2)
    69.  2-Undecanal (C11) (Undecyl aldehyde, HMDB0030941, CAS 112-44-7, FEMA 112-44-7)
    70.  2-Dodecanal (C12) (Lauryl aldehyde, HMDB0033933, CAS 112-54-9, FEMA 112-54-9)

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