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Furans Standard Mixture

Use: Gas Chromatography (GC)

Use: Compound identification and verification, MS2 transitions, retention time acquisition, in-house digital library, method development


Suitable for: GCMS, GC-MS/MS, GC-QTOF, GC-FID

Suitable for: Single quadrupole MS, triple quadrupole MS (QQQ), QTOF, Orbitrap

Suitable for: Human metabolomics, plant metabolomics, foodomics, food analysis, volatilomics (VOC analysis), cannabis and vape analysis, wine and beer analysis, coffee and juice analysis, aroma and fragrance analysis





-Find the retention time of the molecules after changing the method
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the column
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


GCMS - GCxGC MS (single quad)
-Find the retention time of molecules after changing the method
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced compound search/identification with RT and M/z value


GC-MS/MS (triple quad)
-Acquire and optimize the transition ions for each molecule using your instrument specific settings
-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification


-Use the standards to make calibration curves for quantification
-Add the compounds to your in-house library for enhanced search with RT and M/z value



Furanes, furanones and lactones make up a large variety of the smells we experience in food and beverage such as fruits, herbs, coffee and brandies.  Many of the furans and similar compounds are used as additives for enhancement of food taste and as artificial flavors. The presence and the amount of certain furans in beer determines its quality and specification. Using mixtures of standards provides the advantage of recording chromatograms and mass spectra of tens to hundreds of compounds in one run, making the analysis and calibration faster. Our Furans Standard Mix is designed to provide the highest resolution chromatogram for GC compatible methods as well as a high purity single peak spectrum for each molecule. All compounds come in 1.0 mM concentration in acetone and can be used for identification and quantification of furans in various type of samples.



  • 40 molecules, high purity, single peak, completely resolved
  • Fully quantitative, 1.0mM in acetone.
  • 4 High recovery sets of five 200 uL microampules. Using microampules allows you to keep the unused amount in the sealed glass container.
  • Contains an internal standard to adjust your retention time with IS lock
  • No isobaric interference means there are no two compounds with the same molecular formula in a microampule. This design allows identification by low resolution single quad mass spectrometer without a need for digital libraries for identification. You can still use high resoltuion or QQQ detector for enhanced identification

Furans Standard Mixture

  • List of compounds

    1. 2,5-Dimethylfuran (HMDB0033182, CAS 625-86-5, FEMA 4106)
    2. 2-Propylfuran (HMDB0040277, CAS 4229-91-8)
    3. Furfuryl alcohol (HMDB0013742, CAS 98-00-0, FEMA 2491)
    4. 2-Butylfuran (HMDB0040272, CAS 4466-24-4, FEMA 4081)
    5. Methyl 2-furoate (HMDB0029750, CAS 611-13-2, FEMA 2703)
    6. Furfuryl propionate (HMDB0037728, CAS 623-19-8, FEMA 3346)
    7. γ-Hexanolactone (HMDB0003843, CAS 695-06-7, FEMA 2556)
    8. 4,5-Dimethyl-3-hydroxy-2,5-dihydrofuran-2-one (HMDB0031306, CAS 28664-35-9, FEMA 3634)
    9. Furfuryl isopropyl sulfide (HMDB0036181, CAS 1883-78-9, FEMA 3161)
    10. γ-Octanolactone (HMDB0035422, CAS 104-50-7, FEMA 2796)
    11. 2-Ethylfuran (HMDB0040587, CAS 3208-16-0, FEMA 3673)
    12. 2-(Ethoxymethyl)furan (HMDB0040445, CAS 6270-56-0, FEMA 4114)
    13. 2-Methyl-3-(methylthio)furan (HMDB0032915, CAS 63012-97-5, FEMA 3949)
    14. 2-Pentylfuran (HMDB0013824, CAS 3777-69-3, FEMA 3317)
    15. 4-Methoxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone (HMDB0034230, CAS 4077-47-8, FEMA 3664)
    16. 1-Furfurylpyrrole (HMDB0030204, CAS 1438-94-4, FEMA 3284)
    17. γ-Nonanolactone (HMDB0031531, CAS 104-61-0, FEMA 2781)
    18. Difurfurylsulfide (HMDB0041503, CAS 13678-67-6, FEMA 3238)
    19. γ-Undecalactone (HMDB0036784, CAS 104-67-6, FEMA 3091)
    20. γ-Dodecalactone (HMDB0031683, CAS 2305-05-7, FEMA 3091)
    21. 2-Methylfuran (HMDB0013749, CAS 534-22-5, FEMA 4179)
    22. Furfural (HMDB0032914, CAS 98-01-1, FEMA 2489)
    23. 5-Methylfurfural (HMDB0033002, CAS 620-02-0, FEMA 2702)
    24. Furfuryl methyl sulfide (HMDB0032916, CAS 1438-91-1, FEMA 3160)
    25. δ-Hexalactone (HMDB0000453, CAS 823-22-3, FEMA 3167)
    26. S-Furfuryl thioacetate (HMDB0035088, CAS 13678-68-7, FEMA 3162)
    27. 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural  (HMDB0034355, CAS 67-47-0)
    28. δ-Octanolactone (HMDB0038310, CAS 698-76-0, FEMA 3214)
    29. γ-Decalactone (HMDB0037217, CAS 706-14-9, FEMA 2360)
    30. 2(5H)-Furanone (HMDB0032330, CAS 497-23-4, FEMA 4138)
    31. 2-Methyl tetrahydro-3-furanone (HMDB0031178, CAS 3188-00-9, FEMA 3373)
    32. 2-Acetylfuran (HMDB0033127, CAS 1192-62-7, FEMA 3163)
    33. 2,5-Dimethyl-2,3-dihydrofuran-3-one (HMDB0032233, CAS 14400-67-0, FEMA 4101)
    34. Furan-2-ylmethyl acetate (HMDB0034246, CAS 623-17-6, FEMA 2490)
    35. 2-Acetyl-5-methylfuran (HMDB0035226, CAS 1193-79-9, FEMA 3609)
    36. 5-Dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-furanone (HMDB0040594, CAS 3658-77-3, FEMA 3174)
    37. Propyl 2-Furancarboxylate (HMDB0037724, CAS 615-10-1, FEMA 2946)
    38. 5-Ethyl-3-hydroxy-4-methyl-2(5H)-furanone (HMDB0033551, CAS 698-10-2, FEMA 3153)
    39. Furfuryl thiopropionate (HMDB0037732, CAS 59020-85-8, FEMA 3347)
    40. Whiskey lactone, mixture of cis and trans (HMDB0059817, CAS 39212-23-2, FEMA 3803)

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