About MetaSci

   MetaSci is specialized in providing high quality libraries of small molecule compounds for various research application. We offer the widest collection of human, plant, bacteria and food metabolites in our Human Metabolome Library (HML) which is comprised of ~1,250 human metabolites and metabolic intermediates. We are focused on supplying standards for mass spectrometry (MS) and chromatography analysis; however, our customers have found creative ways to use the libraries in a variety of applications such as MS method development, MS assisted protein-small molecule binding assays, high-throughput cell-based screening and developing in house libraries of metabolites with high quantitative accuracy.

Libraries of metabolite standards are especially useful in the fields of human metabolomics, plant metabolomics and foodomics, where the researchers try to find thousands of molecules in a tiny amount of liquid biopsy. Most of the metabolomics core facilities around the world have utilized a version of our libraries in their workflow.


MetaSci HML for Untargeted Metabolomics V 2.0-02.jpg

Meet The Team


Our lab is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, where innovation, instrumentation and scientific excellence meet to produce top of the line products in the world.